Monday, September 27, 2010


Went fishing with Rhonda  and Barbara  in the first ever
Sept. 25-26 2010
Cedar Creek Lake


We had the winning fish for #2-3-4 spots by 6:45 pm. We started to the weigh in station. This should have taken about 20 min. BUT. That is when it all started. The motor would not run. After a lot of pulling spark plugs and cleaning them and just setting in wonderment. We got to the weigh in. Two and Half hrs.

We lost about $400.00 dollars. We had to stay close to Big Chief  Landing and fish the rest of the day.
It came a norther and rained a lot. The wind blew and blew some more. We had never fished that area and was just looking for fish.
We did find some but they were just too small.

Rhonda did win a third place and a fourth. We hitched a ride back to Don's Port where the truck and trailer was, came back to Big Chief Landing and picked the Barge up.  Rhonda put four new spark plugs in the 90 horse Johnson Motor. We went home and was back on the lake by six am the next morning.

A cold front was blowing and no fish would bite at all.
It was  about 10 am when the fish starting biting
We caught a lot of fish none very large. We took some to the weigh in but did not place. We went back out to fish and the north wind starting blowing up to 35 miles per hr. I was catching two cats at a time but they were just too small.

One of them stuck a fin in my right thumb and I had to pull him loose. I almost lost it.
After two hrs. and some Equal I started fishing again.
We just had to go to the landing because of  very
high waves and lots of wind.

We gave it up and went to the weigh in and stayed a little while.
Just had a good time with  a bad motor and bad weather.
Better fishing next time.
Papa Hoot

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  1. This is Rhonda Don's youngest sister, we had a great time from start to finish. Just being together is what it was all about. Next time we are going to do better because the Motor will be running. I Love you so much Papa Hoot and cannot wait till next time we are together.