Saturday, August 7, 2010

Man I am tired of working for the big BOSS company.

(My sisters out fishing with me)
I have worked outside most of the last three days. 
105° in the shade! 
Probably 110° where I was working on the cement and surrounded by buildings.
That ain't no fun, But I goterdone!
Need to go fishing but it is even too hot to fish.
I sure hope it rains tomorrow and cools things off.  
This old black land here in Garland 
has cracked open just crying for rain.
I cannot touch my pickup. It is just too hot! 
I need to wash the thing, but it can wait, 
cuz it is just way too hot!
(Did I mention it is too hot to be working outside???) 

I will have to say I like the hot better than I do the cold.
I just hurt when it gets cold. Thank GOD for AC and heaters. 
I can remember when we did not have AC. 
Always had a heater of some kind to stay warm. 
No heaters in the bed room, 
so we had heated bricks wrapped in a rag 
and put in  the bed to put you feet on . 
That would keep you warm so you could go to sleep.
We also put wool sheets on the bed in the winter time. 
But when you got up your breath would look like smoke.
Jump up put on you clothes and run to the kitchen. 
It was warm in there. 
Now you know how old I am!!!
I am glad to have lived so long and look forward to a few more years.
Man I am tired of working for the big BOSS  company.  
Are you?

I am going to do my own business.
Home based business is the only way I can go.
 There is no large overhead or investment.
My hope for the feature,and My new business.  
Go look it up. Check it out.
       Have great weekend!
*** Papa HOOT