Monday, September 27, 2010


Went fishing with Rhonda  and Barbara  in the first ever
Sept. 25-26 2010
Cedar Creek Lake


We had the winning fish for #2-3-4 spots by 6:45 pm. We started to the weigh in station. This should have taken about 20 min. BUT. That is when it all started. The motor would not run. After a lot of pulling spark plugs and cleaning them and just setting in wonderment. We got to the weigh in. Two and Half hrs.

We lost about $400.00 dollars. We had to stay close to Big Chief  Landing and fish the rest of the day.
It came a norther and rained a lot. The wind blew and blew some more. We had never fished that area and was just looking for fish.
We did find some but they were just too small.

Rhonda did win a third place and a fourth. We hitched a ride back to Don's Port where the truck and trailer was, came back to Big Chief Landing and picked the Barge up.  Rhonda put four new spark plugs in the 90 horse Johnson Motor. We went home and was back on the lake by six am the next morning.

A cold front was blowing and no fish would bite at all.
It was  about 10 am when the fish starting biting
We caught a lot of fish none very large. We took some to the weigh in but did not place. We went back out to fish and the north wind starting blowing up to 35 miles per hr. I was catching two cats at a time but they were just too small.

One of them stuck a fin in my right thumb and I had to pull him loose. I almost lost it.
After two hrs. and some Equal I started fishing again.
We just had to go to the landing because of  very
high waves and lots of wind.

We gave it up and went to the weigh in and stayed a little while.
Just had a good time with  a bad motor and bad weather.
Better fishing next time.
Papa Hoot

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Man I am tired of working for the big BOSS company.

(My sisters out fishing with me)
I have worked outside most of the last three days. 
105° in the shade! 
Probably 110° where I was working on the cement and surrounded by buildings.
That ain't no fun, But I goterdone!
Need to go fishing but it is even too hot to fish.
I sure hope it rains tomorrow and cools things off.  
This old black land here in Garland 
has cracked open just crying for rain.
I cannot touch my pickup. It is just too hot! 
I need to wash the thing, but it can wait, 
cuz it is just way too hot!
(Did I mention it is too hot to be working outside???) 

I will have to say I like the hot better than I do the cold.
I just hurt when it gets cold. Thank GOD for AC and heaters. 
I can remember when we did not have AC. 
Always had a heater of some kind to stay warm. 
No heaters in the bed room, 
so we had heated bricks wrapped in a rag 
and put in  the bed to put you feet on . 
That would keep you warm so you could go to sleep.
We also put wool sheets on the bed in the winter time. 
But when you got up your breath would look like smoke.
Jump up put on you clothes and run to the kitchen. 
It was warm in there. 
Now you know how old I am!!!
I am glad to have lived so long and look forward to a few more years.
Man I am tired of working for the big BOSS  company.  
Are you?

I am going to do my own business.
Home based business is the only way I can go.
 There is no large overhead or investment.
My hope for the feature,and My new business.  
Go look it up. Check it out.
       Have great weekend!
*** Papa HOOT

Friday, July 30, 2010

My Very First Blog Post! Meet Papa Hoot...

Hello! My name is Don Robertson. I live in Garland, near Dallas, TX. 
As you can see, I LOVE to FISH! 
This July I caught this Hybrid on Cedar Creek Lake.
I went fishing with my wife and sisters, and we had a ball!

I am 69 years old and am currently still working full time,
but looking forward to doing something fun
to make my living as I head into retirement.
I have a few ideas that I want to share with you
as soon as I have time!

If you love to fish or live in Texas,
send me a comment!
This is my very first time to have
and I want to meet you!